Established in 1986, the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is the most ambitious teacher recruitment program in the nation.

Teaching Fellows History

Acknowledging that the quality of education in our public schools is determined by the quality of our educators, an ambitious teacher recruitment program, the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program, was enacted by the General Assembly in 1986. The mission of the program was, and continues to be, to recruit talented high school graduates into the teaching profession and to help them develop leadership qualities such as visionary thinking and risk-taking; qualities that have not, in the past, been valued in teachers. The Teaching Fellows Program challenges students to see beyond the classroom and to think about the connections of education to the quality of life and the economic survival of our state. The program has quickly become one of the most prestigious awards in North Carolina.

The Teaching Fellows Program was one of the components in a ten-point teacher recruitment proposal called "Who Will Teach Our Children." The proposal was developed by the Public School Forum of North Carolina, a nonprofit partnership of business, educational and political leaders from throughout North Carolina. The Forum staff administers the program while a Commission, appointed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, develops the policies and regulations governing the program.